How to create a Skincare Routine



So you want to start a skincare routine but have absolutely no idea where to begin? How many products do you need to use? Do you need an AM & PM routine? Often it can feel overwhelming to start something new when it just seems much easier to not even bother! Well I am here to encourage you to embrace the amazing world of a skincare routine and see just how easy it can be!


Our skin is the largest organ we have so it is SUPER important to look after it. To briefly explain… There are 3 main sections of the skin: Epidermis, Dermis & Hypodermis. The Epidermis is the outermost layers of the skin, the Dermis is where our collagen and elastin are formed, and the Hypodermis is mainly fat storage. The 2 layers that skincare products work on to maintain or improve skin health are the Epidermis & Dermis. Our skin cells regenerate every 28 days, so by just doing the basics of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising, we are working with our body’s natural renewal system to maintain optimum skin health. It is always important to understand the skin structure to understand why we use the products we do. Okay enough with the technical language!! Let’s get to the fun part.


The first step to creating a good skincare routine is understanding your concerns and goals for your skin. Is it hydration? Do you want a more plump, youthful appearance? Do you want to repair scarring from breakouts or acne? Do you want to reduce redness because of sensitivity? The list goes on! Once you have figured out your skin concerns, I HIGHLY recommend seeing a Skin Therapist to have a consultation when your skin will be examined by a professional.


A Skin consultation should take no more than 15 minutes and may or may not be a free service – make sure to check this out before you commit! This consultation will be a chance for you to express your skin concerns and allow the Skin Therapist to help you understand how YOU can improve your skin. Now comes the fun part in choosing your products!


DO NOT feel obliged to have every single product that is out there – because this is where you can feel overwhelmed and give up. I personally love starting with just 3 products – Cleanser, Exfoliant & Moisturiser. If you have only ever washed your skin with soap and water (like many of our Grandmothers did!), the transition to a proper skincare routine does not then feel too much. Once you have the hang of using these 3 essential products morning & night, you then can start to add in the fun products like serums, targeted treatments, toners, masks, oils etc.


The last piece of advice I want to give you is to have fun and enjoy skincare! It is exciting to step into this world as we can often neglect our skin just like exercise – we do not have the time or energy after everything else in life! But remember that just as we nourish our body with food, we need also to nourish our skin with good quality products to ensure it is at its healthiest. I am constantly reassessing my skin and trying new products to be closer to achieving my skin goals – the journey is ongoing!!


We only get one skin so let’s treat it with love!

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