About us

What is Lumii Beauty?

Lumii Beauty is an online based beauty service assisting individuals with the purchase of skincare and beauty related products through personalised consultations.

What do we offer?

We offer phone & video consultations, skincare products and beauty tools. We also post blogs that cover a range of topics within the beauty industry to help our customers better understand how to look after their skin!

Why do we do it?

We have a passion for helping our customers to achieve their healthiest skin possible! We understand that it can be overwhelming to choose a skincare product from the millions of brands that exist. So we are committed to giving our customers a personalised experience to understand their skin concerns and goals so that we can help them to achieve their dream skin.

Who's behind Lumii Beauty?

Lumii Beauty began when trained Skin Therapist Amanda Spencer wanted to offer her knowledge of the Beauty Industry in an easy to navigate website. Amanda realised from talking to family & friends that there was ALOT of confusion around skincare products and how to effectively look after ones skin - hence the birth of the Lumii Blog. Amanda felt that by educating her customers it gave them confidence to purchase products that would treat their concerns and achieve their dream skin!