Product Spotlight: Renight Oil

Product Spotlight: Renight Oil

As we come into the cooler months our skin craves nourishment. We all want to keep that summer glow that we inherited from long days at the beach (with plenty of SPF of course!!). But it is only natural that as the cooler weather approaches, we are working away in air conditioning and sitting in front of heaters/fireplaces to keep warm, that our skin will start to lose that nourishment and glow it once had. When this occurs we can be left with a skin barrier that is slightly impaired. Enter the face oil.


Personally, I am ALWAYS battling to keep my skin as nourished as I dream it to be, mainly due to my underlying issue of suffering from Eczema. For me it has meant that as the temperature drops, my skin will react dramatically and results in patches of eczema appearing on my hands and sometimes neck and face. That’s why when I came across Renight Oil I knew it was what my skin had been craving!


Renight Oil is part of the Renight range which is all about nourishment, antioxidants and repairing the skins barrier. What is in this oil you ask?

  • The beautiful properties of Vitamin E are what help with protecting and repairing the skin’s barrier. This is a must when working with an impaired skin barrier and especially with sensitive skin types.
  • Certified Organic Goji Berry Oil. This wonder oil contains a high amount of Vitamin C which assists in firming and tightening the skin which explains why it is also known as the “anti-ageing fruit”. The Goji Berry is also packed with minerals, which include 11 of the 22 key essential dietary trace minerals like magnesium, zinc and iron. It also has powerful antioxidants that assist in protecting the skin from free radicals – goodbye fine lines and hello plump radiant skin!
  • Rich in Vitamins and essential fatty acids, Macadamia Oil is a superfood for your skin. Macadamia Oil is fantastic at nourishing dry skin conditions and for that instant dewy skin that we all crave.


You may be thinking that a face oil is only catered towards a dry or sensitive skin type, however all skin types will benefit from a face oil in different ways. A dry skin will be nourished and hydrated, it will provide a calming result for skin with redness and sensitivity, whilst skin prone to breakouts can benefit from the antioxidants that help to repair the skin. It is also important to understand the best way to use a face oil for YOUR SKIN TYPE so that you see the amazing benefits on offer.

So the next time you notice your skin starting to lose that nourished and dewy appearance, think about reaching for a face oil with highly beneficial ingredients to bring back that glow!


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Love the Renight oil!
It has done absolute wonders for my skin. It keeps it moisturised and dewy through the cold winter days and nights. Not to mention it smells Devine.
I Highly recommend it.


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